Guided Fishing Trips in the East Kootenays

“The Best Fly Fishing In BC”

St. Mary’s River – Full Day Drift or Walk ‘N’ Wade

If you’re wanting to experience some of the best dry fly fishing in North America then the St Mary’s River could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for. This river is abundant with Wild Westslope Cutthroat Trout averaging 14 – 18 inches! Bull Trout measuring up to 30 inches or more can also be targeted in these waters.

Undoubtedly this river boasts some of the best dry fly fishing in North America during the summer and fall months! Come and join Kimberley Fly Fishing for an incredible day of dry fly fishing on the St. Mary’s river, we promise you will not be disappointed and your fly rod will be put to work !!

St Marys River Native Trout: Bull Trout, Cutthroat Trout

Best Time To Fish: Early/Mid July to Late September *Dependent on water conditions

Bull River Fly Fishing

Bull River – Full Day Drift, Walk ‘N’ Wade & Multi Day Trips

Set behind the Rocky Mountain range known as “The Steeples” flows the beautiful Bull river. This is an aqua blue-green, glacier fed, freestone river that holds some of the worlds wildest Trout found anywhere. We fly fish two different sections known as the “Upper Bull” and the “Lower Bull”.

Whether you’re looking to hook up to some beautiful Cutthroat Trout or battle a monster Bull Trout in the East Kootenays, the Bull River rarely disappoints! You’ll enjoy a full 9 hour, unforgettable day in one of our outfitted fishing rafts.

Bull River Native Trout: Bull Trout, Cutthroat Trout

Best Time Of Year: Late July to Late September *Dependent on water conditions

Skookumchuck River Fly Fishing

Skookumchuck Creek –  (Walk ‘N’ Wade) Full Day or Multi Day Trips

The Skookumchuck is a genuine river that produces trophy size Bull Trout and westslope Cutthroat Trout ! It is our equivalent to the world renowned Wigwam river but receives much less fishing pressure. This is a *walk’n’wade* trip as moderate hikes down to the river banks is the only way to access it’s remote canyon pools. The Skookumchuck river is highly recommended for anglers that are seeking a more intimate fishing experience and are willing to make these approaches to the river.

We only have a limited number of rod days on this world class river so advanced booking is highly recommended!

Skookumchuck River Native Trout: Bull Trout, Cutthroat Trout

Best Time Of Year: Mid July to Late September *Dependent on water conditions

Moyie River Fly Fishing

Moyie River – Full Day Drift

The Moyie River is the perfect slow moving fly fishing destination for beginner fly fishers. It’s also ideal for those early season anglers who are itching to get on the rivers as soon as they open on June 15. Moyie fishes very well from opening day 0n June 15 and offers an awesome spring fishing experience, producing large amounts of dry fly strikes.

A hidden gem this magnificent calm river receives very little angling pressure and is the only river in Region 4 that fishes excellent on opening day every year!

Moyie River Native Trout: Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout & Some Bull Trout

Best Time Of Year: Mid June to Early/Mid July *Dependent on water conditions

Moyie River Fly Fishing

Kootenay River – Full Day Drift or Full Day Jet Boat Extravaganza

This incredible river’s headwaters begin deep in the heart of the rockies Kootenay National Park near the Alberta border and Banff National Park. The Kootenay river is not only known for some of the best fishing for native trout in British Columbia but also some of the wildest history dating back to the early 1800’s before the pioneers started to settle this nutrient and wildlife rich valley.

If you’re an angler who’s looking to try your hand at fly fishing for trophy class Bull Trout aka “The River Shark” then the Kootenay River offers exactly what you’re looking for!

Kootenay River Native Trout: Bull Trout, Cutthroat Trout & Rainbow Trout

Best Time Of Year: Early Spring & Fall *Dependent on water conditions

Moyie River Fly Fishing

Lake Fishing Trips – Full Day, Ice Fishing

Our area boasts countless lakes from valley bottom to the high alpine. Rainbow Trout are managed in most of our lakes with a vigorous stocking program. Most lakes are stocked with trophy Pennask Rainbow Trout, a hard fighting and colorful fish reaching sizes up to and sometimes over 25 inches.

We enjoy fishing the lakes here in the East Kootenays with an assortment of different fishing techniques. Early spring season chironomid, calibaetis, damselfly and leech patterns work great and the fishing is fabulous! Late summer and fall season we shift to surface dry flies and sight cast to hungry feeding trout.

Easy Kootenay Lakes Trout: Rainbow Trout

Best Time Of Year: Late April to Mid June & Early September to Late October *Dependent on water conditions

One of our professional and experienced guides will take you in a raft outfitted with a fishing frame which allows guests to sit nice and high above the water and easily cast your fly to hungry trout. We also offer walk’n’wade trips on the smaller river’s and lake fishing on our local lakes in one of our tin lake boats. We gladly take any level of fly fisher, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro – we will tailor your trip to the exact experience you are looking for.

If an instructional day is what you’re after, one of our professional guides will teach you the basics of fly fishing before you set out on the river to put your new casting and presentation skills to work. We offer fly fishing lessons and instructional sessions as well so please contact us for more information and availability.

All the gear you need is included in the price of the trip (fly rod, reel, leader line and flies). Transportation to and from the fishing location plus a hearty riverside lunch is also included.

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