Two men showing off their Dorando catch.

Kimberley Fly fishing has partnered with Don Joaquin River Lodge to provide you with what we feel is the best variety of Golden Dorado fishing in Argentina with 5 star accommodations!

The Corrientes marshlands and delta offers a more intimate and unique encounter with nature as you are surrounded by its rich wildlife, marshy drainages and is our preferred destination!

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Don Joaquin River Lodge Argentina


Large St Marys River Cutthroat Trout

The Golden Dorado is a wild and
veracious, apex predator fish that inhabits the subtropical and tropical regions of South America.

The Corrientes region of Argentina is home to an impressive population of these freshwater leviathans.

The Golden Dorado mostly feeds on other fish such as the Sabalo which is their favorite moving target, but they are also known to eat birds, snakes, small rodents and occasionally each other.

THE Lodge

The Estancia country garden surrounds<br />
the lodge, with native palm, lapacho and<br />
timbo trees and numerous species of<br />
other native Argentine fauna.</p>
<p>The Golden Dorado is a wild and<br />
veracious, apex predator fish that<br />
inhabits the subtropical and tropical<br />
regions of South America.<br />
The Corrientes region of Argentina is<br />
home to an impressive population of<br />
these freshwater leviathans.<br />
The Golden Dorado mostly feeds on<br />
other fish such as the Sabalo which is<br />
their favorite moving target, but they are<br />
also known to eat birds, snakes, small<br />
rodents and occasionally each other.

The Don Joaquin River Lodge is the perfect combination of luxurious comfort and a relaxed atmosphere.

The central hub of the lodge is the outdoor veranda and a large elegantly decorated dining and living room with leather sofas, antique and reclaimed furniture and chandeliers.

With it’s panoramic views of the
beautiful Corriente river and large open spaces it is a great venue for angler groups and/or couples.

The lodge comprises 13 suites, 2 living rooms, 3 dining rooms, BBQ terrace with wood oven and a 14m swimming pool.

Every suite has its own bathroom, air conditioning and daily maid service and free wi-fi.

The Estancia country garden surrounds the lodge, with native palm, lapacho and Timbo trees and numerous species of other native Argentine fauna.


A bed in an ambient room at a n accommodation in Dorado Argentina.

There are 3 main water type varieties along the banks of the Corrientes River available to fish all from one home base. There is no need to move lodges as you may have do with other fishing outfits.

The Corrientes River is much smaller than its parent the Parana River and boasts an excellent population of Golden Dorado in its steady currents.

With so many fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities we recommend at least 4 day / 5 night accomodation pkg allowing enough time to experience all that this incredible place has to offer.


Cabybara (large guinea pig like rodent)

We are pleased to offer clients not only incredible fishing opportunities here, but an all around wild and immersive experience in this beautiful part of the world!

Those willing to travel to this area will enjoy its wild and diverse fishery and you will get to see some of the amazing wildlife living in this incredible ecosystem.

Some of the wildlife here are the Cabybara (large guinea pig like rodent), Caymens, Axis Deer, Water Buffalo and numerous varieties of birds.



Directly across from the lodge are the myriad lagoons, weed lined channels and pools of the flooded marshes.

This is where you will have a chance to throw poppers, mice and other topwater flies. The average fish here are a bit smaller than the Parana
River area but the target casting and fauna make it a very fun zone to fish.

A short boat ride away from the lodge is the Delta and the entryway into the massive Parana River where giants like the ones at the top of the brochure swim and make a living feeding on the lesser species.

There are several other species of fish that can be targeted if anyone desires. Tiger and Spotted Surubi and the Palometo to name a few.

No matter what your looking for, there are a number of different habitats and fly fishing presentations available.



A man holding two fish, one in each hand, with a young boy embracing the man from behind. The young boy and the man are smiling as they proudly show off their catch.

Most flights land at Buenos Aires International (EZE) while the domestic airport (AEP) handles the flights into the interior of the country. Transfers can be arranged and we recommend spending at least 1 night in Buenos Aires.

Once in Buenos Aires there are 2 options to get to the lodge.

Option #1 – $800 USD (for 3ppl)

The guides from the lodge are able to pick you up at your hotel in Buenos Aires in the morning and from there you will be driven hours (including a stop for lunch) to the lodge in a Toyota pickup.

Option #2 – $400 USD (for 3ppl)

The other option is to fly from the domestic airport to Corrientes which is a little over 1.5 hours. From there the guides can pick you up and drive you 2.5 hours to the lodge.*flight not incl*

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